Sunday 13 March 2016

Review: Konjac Sponges

Konjac French Clay Sponge Review

Konjac 100% Pure Sponge  Review


So a while ago (as in last year) I hauled these Konjac Sponges. I've been using them for a while now, and I realised I never reviewed! So I'm rectifying that now!
I used the white one (100% Pure Konjac Sponge) when I first got it for a few weeks and I really liked it. Then, I went travelling for a few weeks and it dried out and got crusty and even soaking it in water didn't revive it. So that was a fail.

That made me really wary about opening my green one (French Green Clay) and I didn't want to open it after my bad experience. Then I realised, I had bought it and so I should use it. I've been using that one for over a month now, so I thought I would share some of things I found out.

I purchased the Wet version for both as that was the only ones in stock when I made my order. I do like the Konjac sponge for gentle exfoliation. I use it after face wash to help remove any leftover cleaser and freshen my skin. I did not find that it removed my makeup. It kind of smeared it over my skin, rather like I was washing my face with a damp tissue. However, used as a tool in the "final step" of my face washing routine, I do like it. I feel like it does make my skin look a little brighter and fresher. The green one is supposed to help with oiliness. I personally did not see much difference with oil production when using this, but when I used the sponge without a cleanser  in the morning, I did find it washed away oils rather well, so if you don't wear makeup or are too lazy to use a cleanser in the morning, this may be an option for you.

However, before you buy it, I wanted to talk about how I stored it. As I mentioned before, my 1st sponge dried out and crumbled. So to figure out how to use it, I looked online. From the Konjac Sponge company, it said to let it air dry between uses and that it would be fine if it shrunk, so I tried that. It did work for a while, but then yesterday my sponge deteriorated again. 

I did enjoy using the product, but it only lasted for a month (admittedly I had stored it in it's packaging for quite a long time). I feel like my washcloth does the same job or better and lasts longer. 

I probably would not purchase this again, but if you have tried it and found it worked great for you, let me know in the comments below! I do reply to comments (if I get them) and I would love to check out your blogs if you leave them in the comments.

Signing off now

Dusty Foxes

Sunday 6 March 2016

Project 10 Pan : Take 2! Intro

Hello there!

Apologies again for not posting last week, but I was going through some personal stuff.

Moving swiftly on, I've decided to kick off March with another Project 10 Pan.

Last year in January I started Project 10 pan here on my blog and I have links to everything in the tab at the top of my blog, so you can go check that out if you want to see what I did last time!

I'm using similar rules as last time, but I did edit a couple of things so here are the rules for this time!

My rules:

1. I will not buy any more makeup/skincare unless that particular cateogory (eg foundation) is completely finished. If I run out of something, I can buy 1 replacement. It can be the same item or a new item I want to try, but I can only get the one item.

2. If there is something that I really want, either a replacement (that I still have others of the same of, see rule 1) I will write it down and see how I feel about the product once I've finished the other products.

3. I will post reviews  (or at least mini reviews in my updates) of the things I finish on the blog! This is to make sure I don't get tetchy about not having things to blog about and also so that you (my lovely readers) can see my opinions after using a product up completely!

4. Anything can be considered an empty, except items that go off or I decide I don't want any more because they're not that great. I have to actually use them! Pan products can be considered as an empty once I hit pan, and again if I finish the item. Non makeup samples do not count as empties.

5. As an incentive to stick to this, once I finish P10P, I can get the Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer- even if I still have other concealers! I really want this, so it should be good incentive!

This time I don't really have any products I want to focus on. I have some shampoo and conditioner that is almost done, so that is a bit of a "gimme" item, but makeup will be tough to finish.

Wish me luck! Let me know if you're trying Project Pan in the comments below! Make sure you're following me if you want to keep updated on my progress. Links in the sidebar.

Signing off now,

Dusty Foxes