Hello everyone!

Welcome to my project 10 pan page! You can read a bit of the reason why I'm doing this as well as things like rules and details of how I'm approaching this project in my original post here. 

Here is where I'll be posting updates and links to any posts I make in review of finished products. It may be a while between updates because I don't think I'll finish products that quickly (I do only have one face after all..)

Let me know if you've done this or if you're doing it! I need as much motivation as I can get. Wish me luck!

Project 10 Pan updates

Project 10 Pan update 1 - 4 items finished

Project 10 Pan Update 2- 10 items finished in total!

Project 10 Pan Take 2

List of items panned/finished
1. 17 Hide Away Concealer in Medium
2. Colab Dry Shampoo New York
3. Color Club 0-60 speedy top coat
4. Skin Food Nail Vita Base Coat
5. 17 Pwoarr Paint in Medium
6. EOS lip Balm Mint
7. MUA individual matt eyeshadow shade 20
8. Soap and Glory Thick and Fast mascara
9. Seche Vite Dry Fast top Coat
10. Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick Red Porcelain

List of items panned/finished for 2nd P10P

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