Friday 24 October 2014

Should I Get It? Urban Decay Naked Vault Edition (UPDATED)

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I don't plan to post on a Friday often, but this couldn't wait!

Ok, So this isn't a review, but this is my opinion. So it's kinda like a review but I don't actually know that much about anything. Which sounds like most of my reviews..

Onto the actual topic of discussion today. Urban Decay Naked Vault. Sounds like a very very nice piece of kit, but should you get it?

The basics of this is. it's £180 and is worth £255, not including the box it comes in. It is only available online at Selfridges on the 1st of November, but the waiting list is here. (though possibly in a few weeks you could get it on ebay...). P&P is £4.95 for standard delivery and that can take up to 5 working days. If you really can't wait, they do offer next day delivery but as the 1st is a Saturday, you'll still have to wait until Monday.

(UPDATE: Selfridges has not released it and there is no info on when it is coming out. I am massively annoyed, but when I asked on twitter, they just said to join the waiting list for more information. So.. yeah)

(UPDATE 2: Apparently, due to excessive demand (14,0000 people signed up to the waiting list) the Vault is only available to those to signed up and even then, it'll be a fight. Good luck if you are on the list and for those who aren't, hope that there is a second chance!)

It is limited edition ONLY 60 sets!!, so there's a sense of necessity whether or not to get it, so I wanted to type up this post before the release date so if you so decide to buy it, you may have read this already and it may have helped you decide.

Now that the basics are out of the way, Let's move on to the actual question. Should you get the Urban Decay Naked Vault?

I've broken this down into a few categories so you can find the one that applies to you and see what I think about the situation. I'd like to reiterate that this is my opinion and you don't have to follow it. As it stands, this is just a post in case you're wondering about the maths of it all.
For a break down of what costs what and what will make the £75 saving I have a list after the categories you can refer to.

1. I own none of it, and I want all of it.
I say GET IT. Why? you save £75, which is 2 of the palettes and a pound. You're not likely to get savings like these every day!
I am personally in this category but am still wondering if my finances can cover it...

2. I own none of it, but I only want some of it.
Well, this depends more on which parts you want.
If you want most of it and the parts you don't want are worth less than £75: Get it. You'll probably save more if you get it and you can give the bits you don't want away (to me for example... I'm joking). to friends for presents. :)
If you want some of it but don't want some that are worth more than £75: Then maybe you can find a friend who wants the other bits and share it. Or maybe if the parts you don't want, you know people who would like it as gifts, then maybe you can gift it to them. Or if no one you know wants them and you'll save more not getting the set, then don't get it.

3. I own some of it, but I want the rest of it.
This, much like the second category, depends on what you have.
If you own 1 eyeshadow palette and want the rest, then I say get it. You can gift the palette you do have or save it as a back up if you're running out.
If you own most of it and you have friends who want the bits you do have, you could discuss it with them and maybe split some of the cost. Or you could be the friend that everyone will love and gift it to them,
If you own most of it and you don't have anyone to give it to and you just bought the bits you do have so no danger of running out just yet (or ever) you may want to consider not buying it because you could probably save more by not owning duplicates

4. I own some of it, but I only want a few other bits of it.
This, like 2 and 3, depends on what you want.
If you want less than you will save: Don't get it. Unless you have friends to share with. Gifting here will probably mean you save less, but you could still save a bit per gift. This would probably be if you were planning to get them those bits anyway.
If you want enough of it that the bits you don't want is less than £75: Get it. You can gift the unwanted bits or share with friends who want those bits.

5. I own all of it, but I want it anyway,
If you're financially secure, then you may still want to think about it. Why do you want it? Is it because you're a hardcore UD fan or because you just want more packaging. Or is it because you've loved all of it so much and you'll have to get new ones soon anyway because they're all used up almost. This is up to you.
If you can't afford it: Don't get it. Seriously. Don't. You own it all already. Of course if you love it all so much that they're all used up then..... maybe start hinting at various people that this is the perfect Christmas/birthday/Halloween/anniversary etc. present.

Of course it goes without saying that if you're not interested in the Vault, you won't get it. And if you do fit into one of my "GET IT" sections, it does not mean you have to get it, especially if finances do not permit.

Breakdown of costs:

Eyeshadow Palette- £37.00
Double Ended Eye Pencil- £12.00
Blush Palette- £22.00
Lip Gloss- £14.00

Combinations within £75,00 (these are the maximums. If your combo is less than these it would be less as well):
2 Eyeshadow Palettes: £74.00
Eyeshadow Palette and 3 Double Ended Eye Pencils: £73.00
Eyeshdow Palette and Blush Palette and Lip Gloss: £73.00
Eyeshadow Palette and Blush Palette and Eye Pencil: £71.00
Eyeshadow Palette and 2 Lip Glosses: £65.00
Eyeshadow Palette and Eye Pencil and Lip Gloss: £63.00
3 Blush Palettes: £66.00
2 Blush Palettes and 2 Eye Pencils: £68.00
2 Blush Palettes and 2 Lip Glosses: £72.00
2 Blush Palettes and Eye Pencil and Lip Gloss: £70.00
Blush Palette and 3 Eye Pencils and Lip Gloss: £72.00
Blush Palette and 3 Lip Glosses: £64.00
3 Lip Glosses and 2 Eye Pencils: £66.00
3 Eye Pencils and 2 Lip Glosses: £64.00

The combinations basically show what you could save on in terms of money.

TL:DR - it's up to you what you want to do but you can consider gifting the spares/excess or sharing with friends who want the bits you don't want (but be prepared to compromise).

What do you think of the Naked Vault? Which Category are you in? Do you agree with my analysis? Did I miss a category that you are in? Let me know in the comments below!

Signing off now

Dusty Foxes


  1. I think Urban Decay has really figured out how to market crap because you know people who already have most of it, are going to try to get it!!

    1. Definitely. And people who know it will have greater retail value will want it as they're now selling it on ebay at ridiculous prices. :(


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