Sunday 7 June 2015

A Haul + first impressions

So some of these are pre-project 10 pan completion but haven't been used until after, and some of these are recent purchases, but I thought I would give a run down of what I've been buying lately and a few initial thoughts.

First stuff I bought were from Kiko. I had never been to Kiko before and managed to convince my boyfriend to go to the Regent St store with me when we were in London. I got a 4span Clics eyeshadow case and 4 of the infinity eyeshadows in shade 254, 219, 210 and 212 going clockwise from the upper left. These are quite big pans and are very pigmented. I used these once so far, but they are super pigmented and absolutely gorgeous. 

I got these on sale, but the normal retail price for the eyeshadow palette is £4.90 and each shadow is £5.90. 

I also got this eyeshadow stick in 07. which is a really pretty golden colour which I think will be great in summer. I like the creaminess of this and it blends really easily. I think I may pick up a few more of these if I can get to the store again, but I have things I want to finish before getting even more makeup.

The price for this was £6.90

I got this Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle remover from Superdrug. It smells like kiwi and has helped my manicures look better. It's quite a strong remover, so I'd be careful with it and not over apply.

It is £6.45

I was browsing and I got distracted by the no. 7 counter. The sale woman was amazing and super helpful, so I ended up buying things when I wanted to be on a no-buy (this was during P10P), which goes to show that a good salesperson can really make a difference. She didn't pressure me to buy anything, and she was really helpful with my questions and applied about 5 different lipsticks on me even before I said I wanted to buy anything, so I finally bought something from no 7. I got, from left to right, the Instant Radiance Under Eye Concealer in shade 30, the Moisture Drench lipstick in shade Autumn Truffle, and the Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation in the shade Warm Beige. I haven't used the concealer yet, as I want to finish my current one (that is almost done) before I use it. The lipstick is great for moisture, but the lasting power isn't the best. I haven't used the foundation either as I have some spots at the moment and want a foundation with more coverage on the days that I use it.

The concealer costs £13.50, the lipstick is £9.95 and the foundation is £14.50. I got it for 3 for 2 and had a £3 voucher off, so it wasn't too bad. 

Some application additions. I got the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques to see how it compares to my Beauty Blender. So far I like it and the flat side is amazing, but I need to use it a bit more before I decide which I would recommend. I also picked up another Real Techniques Expert Face Brush as I love how it applies my foundation and because it takes so long to dry, I wanted another one. I haven't used it yet as I haven't washed it because I prefer to wash a bunch of brushes together.

The sponge costs £5.99 and the brush is £9.99

Please forgive the blurry and upside down picture. I didn't have time to take a new set of photos before posting this and I've thrown away the packaging already. These are Flo Refillable Fragrance Atomisers. I have Travalos and I wanted to see how these compared as they have a different filling system. So far I like the filling system of these better, but I want to see how they are with use before making the comparison.

I got these on Amazon for £9.99 each.

It may be hard to see what these are, but they are Konjac Sponges. These are sponges that you use to wash your face. On the left is the one with French Green Clay and is suitable for normal to oily skin. The one on the right is the natural one with nothing added and is suitable for all skin types. With skincare items, it's hard to give a first impression, but they are very squishy. I am using the white one first and so far I like it.

I got these on Beauty Chamber for £4.87 each.

The lighting for this is horrible, so I apologize. This is the Neve Cosmetics Elegantissimi palette. It contains 30g of neutral eyeshadow and is amazingly pigmented and buttery. The palette has magnetic pans and you can buy refills so that is great. The whole palette is vegan and contains no silicones, parabens or petroleum derivatives. I haven't used all the colours on my eyes, but so far, this palette is nice. I've had it on my wishlist for ages and finally decided to get it.

I got this on Beauty Chamber for £21.95.

This is quite a new release from Sigma. It is the Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleaning Glove. I remember wanting the first version of the cleaning glove, then the 2x version, then the Spa mat and when this came out I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet and buy it. It is the cheapest of the brush cleaner tools I've seen from Sigma. I have a lot of makeup brushes, and washing them is a chore I like to put off, so this came as a welcome addition to my makeup addiction. Oops. I used this to wash some brushes, including one I have a lot of trouble cleaning and this helped a lot. I feel like I got a deeper clean, and it was relatively easy to use. I also had to use less soap. However, I felt that the top part that covers your fingers was very loose and moved a lot when I was washing the brush. I want to use it more before I give a more comprehensive review.

This cost £19.95 from Beauty Chamber. It is more expensive than if you buy it on Sigma's website, but once you add shipping and handling, this turns out cheaper.

Finally I got some of Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. I got the Peppermint scent and the Eucalyptus scent. The Dr Bronner UK site had a discount, so I made use of it. I haven't used either of these yet as I am going to be moving, so I can't comment on them yet, but they sound like good products.

This costs £8.99 for the 473 ml bottle and £5.99 for the 237 ml bottle. 

I know it looks like I spent a lot of money and I did, but I justify it by saying I bought these over the past 3 months so the cost is spread out. A bit. I like shopping.  Anyway, I hope that some of you found this enjoyable. Let me know in the comments below if there is any particular product you'd like to see a review on or what you've been buying lately. 

Signing off now,

Dusty Foxes

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