Sunday 25 October 2015

Review: Tarte 7 Piece High-Performance Naturals Collection (picture heavy)

Hi guys,

So I picked this up a while ago when there was a promotion on QVC where the set was just under £40 instead of £51 as it is now. Of course that is a lot of money either way, but I think that the set is quite good value for money - especially as Tarte as a brand is not cheap!

In this set you will get "a full-coverage airbrush foundation with an airbuki brush, silk Amazonian clay eyeliner, lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara, coconut oil lipstick, a double-ended eyeshadow brush, and a palette with a full-sized Amazonian clay blusher and six eyeshadows, plus a limed edition make-up bag. "- From QVC's site. 

On QVC UK, the shade range for the foundation is very limited, with only 6 shades being available from the range. Sephora has 16 shades on their website, so as you can imagine, 6 shades is definitely not as many as there could be. However, I was able to find a match on the site for my skin tone. It is slightly darker than the one I bought a while ago from Sephora, but it suits my skin more when I have a bit more of a tan. I think if you can find your shade, this would be a good starter kit from Tarte as the price is very good for what you get.

First thing I pulled out was this funky looking brush. This is the Rule Bender double ended eyeshadow brush. I personally do not like double ended brushes as I find them really hard to store/display, but it's a decent brush. It features a fluffy flat side (straight side) and a blending crease side (bent part). The bend in the brush is supposed to make it easier to blend eyeshadow, but to be honest, I don't really see much difference in the application. If anything, I find it more confusing as I am used to my straight brushes. I am going to play with it a bit more and see how I feel as so far I have not actually used it that much.

Next thing I pulled out was the Lights, Camera, Flashes mascara. As I am currently trying to use up some other mascaras, this has been added to my stash to try in the future. However, it is a much raved about product so I'm excited to try it.

Next was the Silk Amazonian Clay Eyeliner in Black Brown. This eyeliner is in a lovely dark brown shade and is a retractable pencil, so no bothersome sharpening. The eyeliner itself is quite short and thin, and the other side features a smudger which is quite hard but not too hard. This eyeliner however.... it was love at first swatch. It glides on so incredibly smoothly, and is so soft and creamy. I love the formulation. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact same product online, so I think it may be a set exclusive, but I am definitely intrigued by Tarte eyeliners now. I have not really tested for longevity as I keep forgetting to check my liner before taking off my makeup, so I've been a bad beauty blogger.

This is the Coconut Oil Lipstick in the shade Primrose. I expected a more nudey type pink, but this is quite a deep colour, more berry than red, but still nude enough for everyday. I think this is a great shade to include in the kit as I can see it looking beautiful on many skintones. The formula is very smooth and almost glossy, which I think is the oil component. I have not tested the longevity of this either as I have not been wearing lipstick lately, but I think in the coming months I will be doing that. A slight disappointment is that it did not smell like coconut, but that's a minor issue.


 This is the foundation. I did actually open it, but I seem to have forgotten to take a picture of the mesh part. However, I did do a mini review on the shade I originally had which was fair-light neutral which can be seen here. But in summary, I love this foundation formula, its lightweight but full coverage and makes my skin look airbrushed. This is the only reason that I bought this set, because if I do not love the foundation this much, I would not have bought another of it. So I think that speaks for itself. I do wish QVC carried more colours though, and sold it without the brush as I already have 2 with the addition of the one in this kit. However, I still have a quite a lot of this foundation left so I'll worry about replacing it when time comes.

Finally the crowning jewel of the kit in my eyes. The palette. It is a lovely palette, with the gold exterior and the large mirror inside, but it gets dirtier than anything else I have ever seen. I pretty much just looked at it and there was smudges. Ok that's a joke, but honestly, this packaging looks nice but is so impractical in terms of keeping fingerprints off. I had to wipe it then slowly push it into place with a cotton bud in order to take a picture and somehow it still ended up smudged! However, I can forgive it that because the inside is brilliant. There are 6 eyeshadow shades and one blush shade. The blush is a full size blush and is in the shade Insightful. It is the middle swatch. The eyeshadows are Golden Opportunity, Sienna the Future, Like You a Latte (bottom 3 swatches going up), Highlight of My Day, Cream of the Crop and Mauve Mountain (top 3 swatches). They are all really pretty and smooth and blendable. I would say that Cream of the Crop is the shade I have the most trouble with getting to show as it is a nude colour. Personally, I prefer the left side of the palette as I'm enjoying bronzey tones recently, but I think that its a good palette, especially if you're starting out with makeup.

Overall, I think this palette is quite a good deal and has a large range of products. Besides an eyebrow product, this kit would be all I need to take for holiday (except for the part where I want options and bring a huge ton of products). I think even at £51, it is an okay price for what you get and is definitely recommended by me. This product is available at QVC UK.

What do you think of the product? Also, let me know if the post was too long, or if you do like long posts like this? Let me know your thoughts on anything you like in the comments below. I will be replying to them a bit late as I'm staying with a friend this weekend, but I will definitely reply when I get them.

Signing off now,

Dusty Foxes

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