Thursday 10 December 2015

12 Posts Before Christmas: Dear Santa


Since I've posted my gift guides, I thought I would post my wishlist to Santa. To be honest, most of these I am not expecting for Christmas as they are extremely expensive, but hey, that's the fun of window shopping!

Dear Santa,
This year, I would like the following things for Christmas.

1. Jack Wills Walderton Slipper Socks
2. Frends Layla Gunmetal headphones
3. Soigne Deluxe Box Set
4. Chronicles of Narnia Boxset
5. Charlotte Tilbury The Icon Boxset
6. Burberry Hooded Trench Coat with Warmer

While you're at it, I would also like my bank account to fill up every time I buy something and for my rent and fees to be paid for the next 3 years; a magic purse like Hermione so I don't have to keep carrying a million bags when I do my shop for the week; a magic wand and my letter to Hogwarts; to eat and never gain weight; a first class degree with my name on it, and a new laptop.

Failing that, I would like world peace, and a merry Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday for everyone.

Thank you.

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