Sunday 6 December 2015

12 Posts before Christmas: Gift ideas under £25


Hope the week is going well, moving up from the last post, here are some gifts for a higher budget, but still under £25. As I mentioned in that post, these are all products I have personally tried and loved so I really recommend them! As in the last post, I've tried to include ideas for various people in your life, so hopefully you can find an idea in here! I've also included clickable links for easy shopping!

As I mentioned in my stocking stuffer and secret santa idea post I love eyeshadow palettes so I had to include 3 of my favourite ones that fit in this category!

Soap and Glory Perfect 10 palette- limited edition and different from the one last year, this one is more rosy toned and full of really nice Christmas colours like Damsel which is the 6th colour in the palette. It is out of stock online, but you can check store availability through the link. Really good for someone who likes pinks such as the Naked 3. The quality of the shadows is lovely as well and for £16, I think it makes a lovely gift.

No 7 Ultimate Eye Palette- I got this as well as the smaller £10 palette but honestly, that one had so much glitter I decided not to recommend it in my other gift guide. This one however is £20 and has 20 shades of nice quality shadows. There are a few glittery shades in the palette, but I had less fallout than the other palette. It contains 4 rows and I like that the rows seem to have a theme for each one. The top row is pink toned, the second neutral brown toned, the third grey toned, and to be fair, the last one is not that clear as to what it is, but has a lovely copper shade, so I'll let it pass. The palette also comes with a large mirror and so I think it would be perfect for someone who wants to expand their eyeshadow collection.

Neve Cosmetics Elegantissimi Eye palette- If you know a girl (or guy, I don't judge) who loves really nice neutral shades for everyday wear and likes to have some darker browns as well, then this is the palette for them. This palette is stunning. For the price of £21.95, you get 30 g of eye shadow, a refillable palette and well, nothing much else, but I think it's worth every cent. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and buttery, I mean all the recommendations above also have great texture and pigmentation, but this one just blew my mind. Just a tiny touch and bam! pigment! Really smooth, the mattes are great, the shimmers are great and is all around a great palette. Have I said great enough yet this explanation? I'm not sure. Great. If that wasn't enough, the palette is vegan so if that's something you were looking for, then this palette is great. (I just had to get another in) I would say, just because of how intense some of these shadows are, you toss in an eyeshadow primer so they don't stain their lids, and it's not the best palette for a beginner.

Or put together...
Nail polish sets- see some of my top nail picks from last winter! I would recommend getting a little box , fill it with some really nice shades, add a top coat and a base coat and that's a lovely gift! (add ribbon to minimise wrapping)

Skin/body care
Body Shop Body Butter/ gift set- The Body Shop are my go-to shop for nice Christmas gifts! I love the sets they do with the tiny minis and their body butters are one of my favourite things! I love the vineyard peach scent and the Chamomile Cleansing Oil is great as well! I just went on their site and they have a gift finder where you select the gender, who is it for, what they would like (eg skincare or bodycare) and how much you would like to spend. Lovely. Check it out here. Also, their charity this year is WaterAid!

Or... put together
Lush set- The things in Lush aren't very expensive individually, by which I mean most things are around £3-5. So I think a nice present would be to put some of these together and make a nice present like the nail polish gift. Throw in a mix of Christmas items and regular line items and there's a lovely smelling present for someone who likes baths. Or if that's too much work, they have gift sets as well. This one looks nice, but I haven't personally tried everything in the box so I can't recommend it personally.

Jack Wills Dashwood Mittens- OK, this is the Jack Wills Outlet Store, and these were the mittens from last years line, but honestly, these are amazing. I got them for Christmas last year and I can honestly say that I used them a lot during winter. Also, because it's the outlet store, it's cheaper at £16. Still super cute and comfy, I recommend this for anyone who has cold hands, and don't lose their mittens easily

Keep Cup- OK, I just discovered these and I want so many different colours. An Australian brand, the Keep Cup is basically the perfect gift for someone who loves their hot beverages and likes customisable gifts.They are also environmentally friendly! Get either one of the basic ones or go fancy and get the glass ones. Also, if you're ordering and are worried about the time needed to ship, go for a gift voucher. It'll allow them to design their own.

Personal planner- I love planners and the personal planner is amazing. I haven't started using mine as I got it for next year, but I love the customisable options. This is great for a fan of stationary and customisable options. I would get the gift card and place it with a few other bits like colour pens and washi tape. I love that you can key in all the important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries and that they will be carried forward to the next year. I also like little details in mine like a reminder to get a new planner, UK holidays, and little icons for other days of note. It has gotten more expensive since I ordered mine, but I think it's still a really good option for all the customisable options.

Let me know what you think of my gift guide and which presents you're thinking about getting in the comments below! If you're worried about "giving the game away" to someone who may see the comment, choose the email area and choose comment as a guest because I would love to see what you guys are gifting people this Christmas!

Signing off now,

Dusty Foxes

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