Sunday 20 December 2015

12 Posts before Christmas: Zoella Bath Bombinis Review

Hello and welcome to my bathroom!

I recently got the Bath Bombinis from Zoella Beauty so I thought I'd pop up a quick review.

Bath Bombinis are part of the limited edition Christmas Collection and is basically the Fizz bar in a round form and packaged nicely. 

I really like the packaging. It's in a really pretty glass jar that you can keep cotton buds in after you've finished the bath bombinis (or like me take the bath bombinis out and use it for that immediately). I like the rose-gold foil around each one because it looks more luxurious than just paper packaging. I will warn that under the foil there is a plastic layer which has some rose speckled into the plastic. I didn't realise that at first and wondered why my bath wasn't fizzing.

The product is scented with Zoella's original line's scent, which honestly I'm not the biggest fan of. It's quite a powdery scent to me and it's not really my kind of smell. I use 2 of the bath bombinis at the same time because I think one doesn't quite give the same feeling. It makes the water quite smooth and obviously scented but it's quite pleasant if you like the scent.

I think the packaging is the best part of the product and I would not be rushing out to try more of the Fizz bars. I will just say that I'm not the most fond of baths and not a fan of the scent, so that could be why I'm not too keen on the product.

Let me know what you think if you've tried this or what your favourite bath products are in the comments below!

Signing off now
Dusty Foxes

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