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Long to Short hair: Things to Consider and Pros and Cons

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Sorry this post is a bit late, I forgot to hit the publish button when scheduling it!

Last week I talked about cutting my hair and donating it, so this week I thought I'd talk more about my feelings regarding the chop!

Before the cut, consider:
- Why you want to cut it?
Is it because you want a change, or because you've looked at one too many pictures of Taylor Swift? Since cutting your hair isn't something that is easily remedied, you may want to spend time thinking about your reasons first. While you may really like it once it's cut, you don't want to hate it because it's a passing fad.

- What style you want?
Do you want a lob (shoulder length) or a bob (chin length) or a pixie cut? Do you want bangs/fringe, or not? These are the things to consider before going to the hairdressers just to be more prepared. I personally just went for a straight cut as I wanted to grow out my hair again without having to get it trimmed soon, but I've previously gone for something similar to T-ara's Eunjung in Dream High (just google it). Try to pick one that suits your hair type as you don't want to spend ages styling your hair every day.

- Do you want to donate it?
As I mentioned in my last post, the reason why I wanted to cut my hair this time was to donate it, but even though you might not, why not consider it anyway. You don't lose anything by doing it, but it's up to you whether you want to or not.

-What is your wardrobe like?
Ok, weird one here, but having long hair and having short hair can really change the way an outfit looks. For example, I have a lovely long dress which I wore for my school ball, but it looks weird with short hair. Not a bad weird, but it looks less girly and elegant. I found that since cutting my hair, I've been favouring jeans and tees over skirts and dresses, but that's only my opinion. I don't think short hair is any less girly, but I just find myself wondering what to do with my hair sometimes. Think about the style you want and think about what you already own. Short hair can really make an outfit look different!

-What season is it when you're cutting your hair?
I cut my hair in winter and to date, that is the worst hair decision I made. I felt super cold the whole time and my ears have never hurt so much! I have a lot more respect for my guy friends now though! So if you're weak to the cold, you may want to wait for a warmer season.

OK that's about it for the things I considered (besides season, that's something I learnt after) so let's move on to pros and cons!

1. Your hair will dry a lot quicker.
2. You will use less shampoo/conditioner.
3. It's faster to wash.
4. It's cooler in summer.
5. You don't have to worry about carrying around a hair tie (until it get longer)
6. You don't have to spend as long styling it (this depends on the type of hair you have and the style you have though!)

1. You can't do as many braids/up-dos/styles as with longer hair. (though you will be able to do some different ones...) For me, a lot of tutorials I see on Youtube and stuff like that feature longer hair, so sometimes I find myself wishing my hair long again!
2. Your hair will need washing/dry shampooing more regularly. Maybe this is just my hair though!
3. When your hair is growing, it'll reach the awkward stage where you can't quite tie it up but it's still long enough to make your neck sweaty and gross (this depends on the original length you cut it to).
4. You may/may not be able to tie it up for showers/workouts/any other time you may want to tie it.
5. Hair envy/hair regret. Sometimes you'll look back and miss your long hair...

Those are the ones I found after having shorter hair for about 5 months now. Leave me a comment if you want to know anything at all or if you've had a different experience with short hair/long hair!

I love my shorter hair, but I think I'll probably grow it out for quite some time before I cut it again, if I do!

Signing off now!

Dusty Foxes

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