Sunday 14 February 2016

Review/ DIY: Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix Oil Base Yellow- Colour correcting diaries

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today I'll be sharing a product that has made me love my morning routine just that extra bit more.

Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix Yellow
Have you ever gone to get a foundation, and no matter how you looked in Boots or Superdrug you couldn't find  a colour to suit you? I have that problem. I have very yellow toned Asian skin and affordable foundations always pull pink on me. When I was first starting out with makeup, I had no idea what an undertone was. My first base product was a Korean BB cream, and that was very pink. While I do sometimes like the way it adds life to my sallow skin, a more full coverage option ends up looking like a mask on me.

Enter the Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix. It's basically concentrated pigment you can mix in to help shift the undertones of your makeup. There are two different bases- oil base and water base. While the initial reaction may be to go for water base, a little bit of research showed me that I needed to oil based one in order for it to mix into my foundation better/ This is because my foundation is silicone based. Also, they came in a range of colours, White, yellow, blue, red, brown and black. Since I was looking to make my foundation more yellow, I went for yellow.

 Here is my foundation. It looks like a good match because my camera tends to change the tone of my skin, but it is a bit too pink on me. I tended to avoid using it because it made me feel uncomfortable.

Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix Yellow
On Tuesday, I started experimenting (and posted it on Snapchat! Add me @dustyfoxes). I ended up putting my foundation into a small (and clean) container to mix it more easily and then I added the Chromatic mix. You can see that it's rather mustard-y. I mixed it in and tested it at intervals on my jaw, adding chromatic mix until it disappeared into my skin. This took a while to get right.

Make Up For Ever Chromatic Mix Yellow

Here you can see the difference it makes. On the bottom, they are swatched and on the top they are blended out. If you look carefully above the two foundation swatches, you can see that the one on the left (uncorrected) can be seen slightly as  a pink smear. On the right it blends into my skin perfectly.

I find that by colour correcting, I have been using my foundation more and as it suits my skin tone and shade, I don't need to worry about missing slight areas or if my blending isn't great. It's making me use foundation more regularly and I've been loving it.

Personally, I do think it's a bit of a faff to have to use, but it's something necessary for me to utilise my foundation. It is a small bottle, but it is very pigmented, so unless you're trying to make a drastic change, there's no need to use a lot at a single time. I did use quite a bit, but I was trying to colour correct the entire bottle.

I purchased this product from Guru Makeup Emporium. Shipping was super quick and it arrived a day after I ordered.

Let me know what issues you might want to correct with your makeup to make it Holy Grail status in the comments below! Also, what yellow toned foundations would you recommend for me? I'd love to hear your thoughts on it.

Signing off now
Dusty Foxes


  1. If you're looking for a yellow base foundatiom then Too Faced Born this way would be perfect for you. A lot of their shades have a great deal of yellow in them some way to much. I actually need some more yellow in a couple of my foundations but my biggest problem is that the foundations I have that I love are to dark. I'm bedridden from an accident so I can't go get matched so I try to pick out shades online and I also got really good deals on a few of my foundations to but some of the foundations I have are just to dark. I tried the water based white Chromatic on one of my foundations and I used a lot of the Chromativ but honestly it didn't do much. So I need to make them a little more yellow and lighter? Any ideas?

  2. Since I have oily skin . Which one of the make up for ever chromatic mix is best to buy ? Water proof /oil base ?

  3. Can the colour in (yellow) make up for ever chromatic mix change the (Orange) undertone in my foundation?


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